Through her work with Mass Metta, Emily provides personalized care for each client. See what some satisfied customers have said.

I have been receiving massage therapy for the last 8 years, and Emily is absolutely my favorite therapist. She is passionate and knowledgeable about her work. During my therapy, I am learning as well as being healed. Whether she is showing me different stretches or exercise techniques or answering my never-ending questions, I always feel that I am getting genuine care.

From David B., CITY

I have tried every type of therapy for pain and massage has been the only thing that works! I had my right hip replaced eight years ago which left me with severe low back and sciatic pain. I saw numerous physical therapists, received acupuncture for two years, and spent a fortune on chiropractic treatments but could not find any relief. After much discouragement, I tried massage therapy and to my surprise, it worked like a charm! After a couple of months of regular treatments with Emily, I noticed a big difference in sciatic pain and today my low back pain is almost gone. I’m now preparing for my other hip to be replaced and I know massage will be a key part of my rehabilitation.

From Barbara R., CITY

Emily’s profound knowledge of the human body―its integrated systems and the way it’s designed to move―is applied to everything she does. She can quickly and thoroughly assess a client’s range of motion and comfort. Her years of experience and her warm demeanor engender instant trust and relaxation.

From Jill R., Somerville

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