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Testimonials and Reviews


I have been receiving massage therapy for the last 8 years, and Emily is absolutely my favorite therapist.  She is passionate and knowledgeable about her work.  During my therapy, I am learning as well as being healed.  Whether she is showing me different stretches or exercise techniques or answering my never-ending questions, I always feel that I am getting genuine care. 


                                                                    -David B.

I have tried every type of therapy for pain and massage has been the only thing that works!  I had my right hip replaced eight years ago which left me with severe low back and sciatic pain.  I saw numerous physical therapists, received acupuncture for two years, and spent a fortune on chiropractic treatments but could not find any relief.  After much discouragement, I tried massage therapy and to my surprise, it worked like a charm!  After a couple of months of regular treatments with Emily, I noticed a big difference in sciatic pain and today my low back pain is almost gone.

I’m now preparing for my other hip to be replaced and I know massage will be a key part of my rehabilitation.

                                                                    -Barbara R.

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